Christy Hein is a Certified Lymphedema Specialist that can help you with your lymphedema issues not only through Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), but also through lymphedema care instructions. Below is a just one of many lymphedema tips to help you gain optimum energy and health:

Lymph Flushers:

"[Lymph Flushers can] work with the lymphatic system, your immune system's circulatory process, to flush, filter and engulf pathogens, rendering them innocuous [such as adequate pure water, organic lemon, and therapeutic grade essential oils].

  • Pure Water: The lymphatic system needs to be well hydrated in order to function effectively. Diuretics and caffeine, which produces diuretic effects, dehydrate the body, reducing the lymphatic systems ability to function at full capacity.

  • Organic Lemon: Research studies show that lemon detoxifies the liver. Squeezing half of a fresh organic lemon into one cup of warm water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach can help cleanse the liver. A well-functioning liver assists the lymphatic system. *This has not been approved by the FDA

  • Therapeutic Grade Essential oils Essential oils have been shown to be strong immune boosters, body fluid regulators, anti-inflammatories, analgesics, along with other qualities. Essential oils commonly used to enhance fluid movement in the lymphatic system include Grapefruit, Cypress, Laurel Noblis, and Lemongrass.

Self Care

Self-care is critical in keeping lymphedema in check. Diet, exercise, skin care, water intake, regular MLD treatments, compression garments, and wrapping all play very important roles in managing lymphedema and lipedema. When you come in for a consultation, all of these issues will be discussed.

To learn more about this in greater detail, please give Christy Hein, your Lymphedema Specialist a call today!

A Note from Christy Hein, a Lymphedema Specialist:

Lymphedema is a lifelong condition with no known cure, but  it is manageable. Lymphedema can be emotionally and physically challenging. With proper knowledge about self care, along with certain essential oils, ongoing MLD treatments, compression garments, and compression wrapping, you can manage your lymphedema and live a normal life.

I am passionate about helping you live a healthy comfortable life through education, treatments, and support.

When you come see me, you will get a therapist who is not only trained in therapeutic touch, but also has a medical background and multifaceted education. These qualifications, coupled with my empathy and compassion for the well being of my clients makes me an effective and professional therapist.

All of my team members are experienced massage therapists with specialized lymphedema training, as well as additional training by me personally. You can be assured when coming to our facility you're getting the highest level of care possible.


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Christy Hein is a Lymphedema Specialist trained through Healing Arts Institute in Citrus Heights, CA.




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