What is fascia and the fasciablaster?

Fascia is the connective tissue inside our body. It divides our muscles, penetrates them, and surrounds virtually every structure of the human body. Fascia is virtually what holds us together. The entire fascia system is connected in one peace like a 3D spider web.

When our body is injured, mounds of fascia connect to create scar tissue. The fascia in our body can get tight and constrict blood flow, lymphatic flow, and decrease range of motion. Healthy fascia is vital. Having loose healthy fascia is vital for overall health and wellbeing.

The fasciablaster is a unique tool invented by Ashley Black. There is no other tool like it on the market. Christy and her team of therapists are incorporating the fasciablaster in many of their treatments. Whether you're looking for decreased pain, increased range of motion, fat or cellulite reduction, or all of the above, we can utilize the fasciablaster in your treatment to help you realize your goals.

To learn more about fascia, Ashley Black, and the Fasciablaster, please go to her website at www.fasciablaster.com






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